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Investing in the Future

Hitters Challenge® endeavors to compliment the game of baseball by and through promotion of Hitters Challenge events, products, and services that focus on the strategies and rewards of hitting a baseball in various competitive forms. Fostering long-term relationships with businesses sharing mutual interests, including the vital relationship with Major League Baseball (MLB) the MLB Alumni Association (MLBAA), and baseball players themselves will be the cornerstone of our impact, success, and longevity in America and throughout the baseball world. Our primary goal is to fully exploit Hitters Challenge as an innovative technology, commercializing its utility at every level of baseball as well as expanding the fan base in an entertaining and profitable manner. Through professional player support and endorsements, Hitters Challenge shall establish brand identity and recognition of the highest quality for its video game and tutorial, live tour events and exhibitions, and its online Internet membership activity.



Mission Statement

At Hitters Challenge® Association, Inc., our mission is to emerge as the foremost authority in both producing and promoting Hitters Challenge®, the "Ultimate Baseball Hitting Game" within the realm of baseball and softball mobile app gaming and related services. Our unwavering commitment is to gauge hitting prowess for baseball enthusiasts and gamers alike. We are dedicated to consistently meeting the demands of our valued customers while conducting our operations in a manner that not only fosters financial growth but also serves as a source of incentive and gratification for our shareholders.

Hitters Challenge Background

  • Hitters Challenge Softball Competition at the Las Vegas Softball Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1988

  • Hitters Challenge Baseball Competition: NCAA Approved All-Star Hitting, Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC),

  • University of La Verne, La Verne, California, in 1990

  • Hitters Challenge, Demonstration Video – Univ. La Verne Video Production Department

  • One Million Dollar “Hitters Challenge” Live Event– National Television Special Proposal

  • Hitters Challenge was licensed by Major League Baseball and Cooperstown “Hall of Fame” for video game development (PC) in 2003.

  • City of Las Vegas Centennial Celebration – Mayor Oscar Goodman, Endorsement & Support/Proposed Hitters Challenge Live Event for 2005.


Our Team


David Jackson, Creative Director

Christopher Holmes, PhD., Consultant

Casie Mann, Life Swings Foundation

James Scott, Consultant

Frederick Jones, Sr., Consultant

Jonathan Dawkins, Security Consultant


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